Magical Southern China @ Yangdi County Southern China

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Lowdown :

Southern China boasts some of the most photographable vistas and enrapturing views within the entire country. From the shimmering rice terraces of Longsheng County to the waterfalls and karst summits of Wulinyuan, seemingly the entire area is ripe for exploration, with a photographable moment at every turn. Exotic minority culture, impossibly beautiful surroundings, and incredible experiences await a tour of the best of Southern China.

Walk along the ridges of the Longsheng Rice terraces, snaking along the mountainside in sun-bleached beauty, before joining a local village for a unique ceremony. Climb the karst terraces of Zhangjiajie, find the distinctive covered bridges of the Dong minority in Fenghuang, and watch the vivid sunrise from the top of Mt. Hebao. Everything you’ll see makes for sharp, fascinating photographs, a living memory of Southern China.

What :

Day 1: Yangdi County

Accommodation: Local Guesthouse
Immerse yourself in the beauty of China at Yangdi, with impressive scenery in all directions. Colossal karst structures emerge out of the earth as the Li River bends around their edges. Hike past dense patches of bamboo and waterfalls towards viewing points of the best scenery of the river. Upon your return, dine on a welcoming banquet of sour and spicy Guilin cuisine.


Day 2: Hebao Mountain

Accommodation: Local Guesthouse
Follow the trails up Hebao Mountain for a bird’s eye view of the Li River. All around you, peaks emerge from the wispy clouds while fisherman down below relax on their boats along the water’s edge. As the sun sets, watch a local tradition unfold with a private cormorant fishing show, as fisherman use the birds of prey to skillfully pluck the fish out of the river.


Day 3: Yangshuo
Accommodation: Yangshuo Mountain Retreat
Capture the canvas of colors from the top of Hebao Mountain as the sun emerges in the east, slowly melting the wispy clouds in a bold array of reds, oranges, and yellows. After descending the mountain, you’ll have an opportunity to take photos of the old towns of Xingping and Yangshuo, with distinctive grey-brick architecture, curved roofs, and historic traditions. In the evening, see the magnificent landscape in a whole new light in Impression Liusanjie, where the Li River itself is used as an enormous outdoor theater.


Day 4: Jiuwu Village
Accommodation: Local Guesthouse
The panorama of the Longsheng Rice Terraces appears like a dragon’s backbone curving out into the horizon, with row upon row cut into the steep slopes winding down from to the riverside. In every season, from soft waves of green rice shoots in summer to waves of layers of silvery frost coating the mountainside in winter. Pass by tiny minority Yao and Zhuang villages on your climb to Jiwu villages, where long slate alleyways lead past ancient wells and exquisite wooden handiwork on the houses.


Day 5: Tiantou Village
Accommodation: Local Guesthouse
The village of Tiantou overlooks endless rice terraces spreading far out into the distance. After eating a hearty lunch of local food with a local family, full of red peppers and simmering broths, get up close to the terraced fields for a free photography session. The green line upon line stretches down the mountain, dotted with peasant workers seeding or harvesting their crop.


Day 6: Ping'an
Accommodation: Local Guesthouse
The stockaded village of Ping’an has long preserved the unique culture of the Zhuang ethnic group. After climbing through a series of switchbacks up the side of the mountain, you’ll reach the village, full of two-story mountain chalets with villagers carrying out their daily tasks of tending animals, gathering vegetables, or minding children playing in the wooden alleys. After a home-style meal, visit a Yao village for a unique hair-do performance.


Day 7: Chengyang
Accommodation: Local Guesthouse
Chengyang is the place for real relaxation. Watch and listen to the water wheels as they turn on the bubbling river, then walk to the lush fields and meet the local farm. Chengyang is built and populated by the Dong minority, whose distinctive style of architecture is present in the arched roofs and covered pavilions of the Wind and Rain Bridge. You’ll see the culture of the Dong firsthand with a lively singing and dancing show, full of vibrant energy and colorful costumes.


Day 8: Guilin
Accommodation: Sheraton Guilin Hotel
Dive further into Dong culture and join their farm work alongside the terraces of the mountains, washing and cleaning rice along breathtaking scenery. Sit down with a local Dong family for a mug of pu’er tea as the host explains their unique festival customs to you, and have a joyful exchange of cultures. Continue forward to Guilin, where you’ll sleep in a soft luxury bed.


Day 9: Fenghuang
Accommodation: Phoenix Grand Hotel
Guilin has been recognized for centuries as a city of living art: even a casual walk through its urban avenues feels like entering a classical landscape painting. Explore the unique scenery of the city with a free morning, then you’ll see the ancient mountain town of Fenghuang. The walled town is exceptionally preserved, maintaining unique ethnic languages, arts, and idiosyncratic architectural characteristics of the Miao minority people. Leisurely walk through the old town, where every opportunity is a chance for a photograph, until joining the local people’s activity as night falls.


Day 10: Fenghuang
Accommodation: Phoenix Grand Hotel
Wake up early to catch the village women washing vividly hued clothes by the Tuo riverside, then visit the ancient wall of the city at Huasiqiao. You’ll dine at a local restaurant, then hike to a hidden Miao village secluded in a massive gorge. Kick back in the ancient village talking with the traditional residents, then join the local minority’s wine celebration before returning back to town.


Day 11: Zhangjiajie
Accommodation: Samantha Resort & Spa
One of the most famous Miao writers ever to put ink to paper was Shen Congwen, known for combining the vernacular style of writing with a formal, classical Chinese writing style. His influence preserves the folklore and customs of the area as if they were written in stone. His tomb lies outside of Fenghuang, a quiet, dignified construction that might have been taken directly from one of his novels. The elegant construction stands opposite the houses on stilts and minority affairs of the local people. Drive to Zhangzhajie in the afternoon.


Day 12: Wulingyuan
Accommodation: Pullman Zhangjiajie
Hike along the thousands of stunning white karst constructions stretching hundreds of meters into the air, covered in foliage and an inspiring sight from any distance. Stand in awe of the environment with a picnic lunch high above the treetops, then relax at Suoxi Village slightly east of the nature reserve. Known as “fog-laden village” in the local language, the surroundings was once attracted bandits for itscaves, unassailable peaks, and innumerable waterfalls.


Day 13: Wulingyuan
Accommodation: Pullman Zhangjiajie
The king of peaks in the Wulinyuan reserve is undoubtedly the Tianzi Mountain, seemingly scratching the face of heaven as it looks down upon the park. Three ancient temples grace its sides, as well as waterfalls, caves, natural view platforms, and nearly ten thousand peaks. Don’t miss the Waterfall of Lovebirds, an incredibly photographable location. Enter the Yellow Dragon Cave, honored as mystical to local villagers until the first caving expedition in 1982, famed as the home of the legendary yellow dragon.


Day 14: Hong Kong
Accommodation: The Fleming
Hong Kong is a strong contender for the title of the world’s most dynamic city. The neon signs, fragrant smells, and noise of the city hides one of the most vibrant cityscapes, a blended culture that has absorbed influences from almost every city as the gateway to Asia. You’ll have a free afternoon to explore Hong Kong’s urban jungle, from the street markets of Kowloon to looking down upon the towers of Hong Kong Island from the top of Victoria Peak. See an amazing view of the forest of lights that is Hong Kong’s skyline on a night cruise along the Xiangjiang River, then have the evening free to let loose and enjoy the raucous nightlife.


Day 15: Hong Kong
Most of the area of Hong Kong is not urban chaos – outside the city limits lies miles upon miles of lush parkland, with fishing villages, surf-beaten beaches, and rolling hills. Be humbled by the Tiantan Big Buddha, the largest bronze-casted Buddha in the world before dining on the catch of the day at the village of Tai O. You’ll have a free exploration of some of the outlying islands or return to Hong Kong for shopping or discovery, then a night flight back to your point of origin.

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How to get there :

Yangdi Town is located among an array of rolling hills. It is home to many famous scenic spots including the Gong-Drum shoal (Luogutan), White Tiger Hill (Baihushan) and the Yangdi Water-fall.

Down stream from Yangdi to Xingping, the river passes an endless procession of distinct peaks, bamboo groves and the stunning landscape. This part is the highlight of the Li River cruise. Pinnacled peaks pop up and surprise visitors at each bend of the river. Water buffalos patrol on the fields. Ducks paddle in the waters while peasants reap paddies in front of village houses. Fishermen use the cormorants to catch the fish and return them to the boat and kids go home singing songs. All these create an idyllic and beautiful scene of the life removed from concrete cities.
In the southeast of Yangdi County lies a village where the reflections of the rolling hills are like waves, so it is called Langshi Village. The local people live mostly by fishing. One of their methods of fishing is to train cormorants to catch fish.

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